xBrowserSync - the solution for self-hosted bookmark sync! (Firefox and Chrome Extension, Android APP)


xBrowserSync - the solution for self-hosted bookmark sync!

xBrowserSync - the solution for self-hosted bookmark sync!

XbrowserSync is another building block for increasing privacy through open source software. XBrowsersync currently syncs bookmarks between Firefox, Chrome and Android. On the mobile devices regardless of the browser used there.

In a nutshell, xBrowserSync encrypts the bookmarks ready on the end device with military-grade AES encryption. Nothing can be read on the server and neither registration nor the provision of personal data is necessary.

Pure end users will only use the client program on their systems and use the public instance. A comprehensive FAQ in English can be found here: https://www.xbrowsersync.org/#faqs

The client side

Before you start, save the current status of your bookmarks in a file so that you can restore the current status in the event of problems. To use it with the public project servers, simply download the software for all devices, create a sync ID with password on the first device and, after the initial sync, enter this on all other devices. Finished!

(Optional) Self-Hosted xBrowserSync API Server

Of course, you should also host the server side of the solution yourself in order to relieve the project and to really only keep the data in-house. My recommendation is a setup on a FreeBSD system. A very simple installation guide can be found here:


Set up the API service on a self-defined port, e.g. 9191 and also secure the service with an SSL certificate. Apart from the system and security updates, the solution works essentially maintenance-free.

For a professional enterprise installation, you should contact open source specialists, such as those of CTS GMBH (https://CTS-Solutions.at).


Downloads for Android in the respective APP stores

We look forward to active participation in the EURAFRI project and ask you to also visit the EURAFRI reception in the matrix.



Author: Karl M. Joch