Project: Mobile and secure


The problem

Not really happy with devices from a manufacturer on which some of the necessary software, e.g. Tor, does not work or was banned by the manufacturer, our founders started looking for an alternative years ago. The prerequisites were clear and immovable:

  • There must be no registration with the manufacturer for using the device. To put it mildly, it is a joke that the manufacturers prohibit usage of the device without registration. The first step in collecting data must already be stopped
  • It must be possible to install a firewall, ala IPTables, PF, IPFW or similar. The entire traffic of the device must be controllable in such a way that data collectors cannot establish a connection
  • An open source VPN client is mandatory, preferably OpenVPN.
  • A RDP client is also required in order to be able to access the Linux RDP Terminal Server via RDP. In the business area, this also guarantees access to Windows systems
  • Tor must work as a service, including hidden services and the Tor browser
  • Email, calendar and contacts must work properly with ActiveSync, IMAP, CalDAV, CardDAV, PGP encryption
  • Element as Matrix Messenger Client must be available. This guarantees secure E2E encrypted communication without additional readers
  • Different browsers and addons are required. Firefox with NoScript and Ublock, Midori Browser and DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser would be the minimum requirements. For privacy, it is extremely necessary to distribute your accesses, especially those with login and without login, to different browsers
  • No software may be installed that transmits data to third parties and thus transmits content, processes or, even worse, data of the device to third parties. All data may only be exchanged with our own or approved servers. Manufacturer bloatware must be uninstallable or not installed at all. As far as possible all software components should be open source and from sources specialized in open source
  • In addition, a correct backup of the applications and settings, including a separate and complete restore, must be possible. It must be possible to transfer all settings to a new device with the help of the backup

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