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Our founders have been active in the IT and consulting sector for many years and have seen over the past few years how Internet users, often through lobbying, simply pass their data on to third parties and have no interest in data protection, privacy and mostly lack of IT knowledge, did not attach great importance to safety either. When there was a new wave of massive centralization of the Internet through the upstream connection of so-called DDOS protection systems, which can read and evaluate the entire data stream, it was enough for our founders and the long-cherished idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčEURAFRI for more privacy and against mass surveillance on the Internet position has been put into practice.

If you too are committed to the broad use of FOSS (Free Open Source Software) in all areas, as well as to privacy and against mass surveillance on the Internet, we look forward to volunteer supporters!

We are currently planning or implementing the following activities and projects:


We are committed to the use and promotion of FOSS (Free Open Source Software) in all areas. In particular, the use of FOSS in public areas is a major concern. “Public money -> public code” should be the motto!


The privacy of users on the Internet is a necessity in order to be in control of one’s own data. It is our goal to support the training of users and teachers and to help create a knowledge base about the functionality!


We are of the opinion - everyone has something to hide - and even if that which is to be hidden is completely legal, it is simply nobody’s business. True to the motto, everyone knows what you’re doing in the toilet, but you still close the door! Without surveillance into the future!


We see a broad need for information on the part of users in order to compensate for the lobbying of commercial providers and to explain in an understandable way the many advantages and, in many cases, the security gain as well as the massive savings in license costs, which are essential for CEOs and decision-makers


In order to enable central information about various FOSS application possibilities, especially in public administration, schools and in business, it is necessary to set up a database with the software products and their application possibilities.


It is important to test programs (apps) in order to inform users about possible privacy violations, security problems and data collection properties of the software before the initial installation.

Tools and communication

Website and Content

The structure of the EURAFRI website is completely based on static websites with the Open Source Generator Hugo. In addition, we have set up a Gitea instance in order to subsequently enable new content and entries in the listings through pull requests. Hugo ( already has many years of experience and we are really convinced of the use of static websites for projects without e-commerce. Since we are based in the EU, we can only allow content via pull requests for liability reasons. Details and coordination in the respective Matrix rooms.

Mastodon, Peertube and RSS

We have decided to forego any centralized social networks and platforms and only offer streams that are not influenced by algorithms from central providers.

With Mastodon ( we have been relying on a private presence in the decentralized Fedivers for a long time. We are allowed to use the instance of the CTS and are at:,

or can be found directly in Fediverse at All new entries on the website are automatically transferred to Fedivers by the RSS2Toot bot. Mastodon, or the Fediverse with the ActivityPub protocol, is the coolest way to follow us.

With Mastodon we have an ingenious replacement for a well-known but centrally managed micro blogging platform.

With the Peertube software ( it is now also possible to operate your own video server as a decentralized alternative to a large platform of a data collector. We are allowed to use the instance of CTS GMBH and will set up an account for videos of the project on Peertube also uses the ActivityPub protocol and can therefore be reached in Fedivers. For example, each Mastodon account can follow a Peertube account and vice versa. A really ingenious solution, especially there are also ActivityPub extensions, e.g. for Wordpress and others. This means that a Mastodon account can e.g. follow a Wordpress blog unfiltered.

Of course, like any well-structured website, we also offer an RSS feed so that our site can be included in the personal news stream.

Element Matrix Messenger

We also rely on open source for our Messenger solution with complete decentralization and the security of E2E encryption without any possibility for the server administrators to read. The founders have been working with Matrix and the Element Messenger since version 0.23 and it has been shown, now we are at 1.33.0, that the decision was the right one.

The Matrix protocol is an open protocol, anyone can connect their own server to the Matrix and like with e-mail, every user can communicate with users from other servers. The device check makes it impossible to smuggle in “reading devices”.

The Element Messenger ( is available for Linux, Mac, Windows, Android, IOS and also LineageOS. The messenger can be loaded via F-Droid too and also works without GApps on LineageOS.

The great thing about it is that there is a multi-device functionality, i.e. several of your devices can be active at the same time and they are all synchronized. Whether on a PC, tablet or smartphone, you always see all communication and can answer from any device.

Communication between EURAFRI members takes place exclusively via the Element Messenger or other Matrix clients. You can find the addresses of the core team here:

We also have a public group room as a reception. This room can be with the address:

can be entered by any server in the Matrix. We will then invite you to the respective project and group rooms.

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If you like our idea, we look forward to hearing from you via the Element Matrix Messenger. It takes a lot of work to convey to users that we need an Internet with more security and privacy!

To get a taste, you can follow the link that leads to the reception: