K-9 Mail is back

There’s finally a new stable release available: K-9 Mail 5.800

The user interface has been redesigned. Starting with Android 6 the platform introduced a lot of changes to limit what apps can do in the background. Old versions of K-9 Mail didn’t work too well with these limitations. In 5.800 we’ve made the necessary changes so periodic background sync and Push now work much more reliably.

This version of K-9 Mail only runs on Android 5.0 and newer.

The support for WebDAV EMail accounts has been deprecated. You won’t be able to set up new WebDAV accounts. However, existing accounts will continue to work for now.

Various improvements and bug fixes related to end-to-end encryption (Autocrypt, OpenPGP).

The new version also includes a lot of bug fixes and minor changes. For details, check out the changelog entries for the beta versions (5.7xx) leading up to this stable release.