New Links to PCAPdroid and Net Monitor (Privacy Friendly) added


No-root network monitor and traffic dump tool for Android devices

PCAPdroid is an open source network monitoring and capture tool. It can capture an Android device traffic without rooting the device. The traffic can be sent to a remote receiver.

Net Monitor (Privacy Friendly)

Shows network connections of installed apps

This app monitors active network sockets and provides information on the scanned connections and apps. The invoking app is identified and listed with it’s name, package and icon. The Connection’s local and remote socket information (ip/port) is displayed along with a resolved hostname information and protocol evaluation based on well-known ports. Known un-/encrypted protocols are automatically marked. Additional features can be activated in the settings tab. This includes a panel for detailed technical information on connections, a logging functionality to keep scan results, a remote analysis of TLS-Servers via SSL-Labs API, a database connection to save selected reports in a history and charts to visualize the reports in different time intervals.

This app is optimized regarding the user’s privacy. It doesn’t use any tracking mechanisms, neither it displays any advertisement. It belongs to the Privacy Friendly Apps group developed by the SECUSO research group at Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany.