Job platform started

As part of the EURAFRI project, we are very pleased that EURAFRI President Karl has given us his very personal list of contacts to around 2000 of the world’s best recruiters and headhunters for our non-profit job platform project. This list has been built up by him over the course of decades, while working in 19 countries.

With this contact material, whose value cannot be estimated, the EURAFRI team immediately started programming the job platform, which is available in a first version, via the projects link and also directly at:



Please note that most job offers appear in English and it is always advisable to also access the EN link. Since the platform integrates job offers via RSS, we do not do any translation ourselves. Recruiters and headhunters can submit RSS feeds for their respective languages.

How does the platform work?

Recruiters and headhunters send us their RSS feeds, which they would like to have integrated into the platform. These feeds are read in and displayed on the platform. All job offers contain a direct link to the original posting, making it extremely easy to find out more about an interesting offer or to apply directly.

For anyone interested in a change, there is a great opportunity to explore jobs without tracking and monitoring.

For recruiters and headhunters it is a unique opportunity to present themselves on the rapidly growing EURAFRI (NPO) project and to address the best IT specialists directly. The best of the recruiters and headhunters who are on Karl’s list will be contacted personally by the volunteer EURAFI team in the next few days and weeks regarding a collaboration.

We are very happy to be able to offer access to job offers, especially for remote jobs, which would otherwise never have seen by a lot of IT specialists.

Feedback, questions and suggestions are welcome in the room, which can be reached with the Element Matrix Messenger: