Synapse Admin ( is an indispensable tool for professional matrix synapse administrators. If Synapse Admin is meaningfully operated on another server or another VM, the reverse proxying of /_synapse/admin must be set up on the Synapse Server.

As an administrator with responsibility you work with a static IP address for access. This allows you to easily limit the endpoint to these IP’s and thus exclude hacks already in advance.

  # / Karl M. Joch
  # this is for synapse-admin running on different server needing access to /_synapse/admin
  # which has normally no reverse proxy. because we run on another server we need to
  # reverse proxy this one, restricted to our IPs. Only use with static IP!
  ProxyPass /_synapse/admin nocanon
  ProxyPassReverse /_synapse/admin
  <Location /_synapse/admin/>
      Deny from all
      Allow from 10.1