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Salzburg, July 2019

The EURAFRI.COM Project (Press release)

EURAFRI is a non-profit organization based in Austria. The idea to build a network of worldwide entrepreneurs, startups and enterprises was in the head of founder Karl for a long time.

It is time to build a bridge between people from different regions to create or enhance business and give locals additional jobs. Based on Karl’s experience over nearly 40 years, EURAFRI will be specialized in Import/Export, IT and IoT startups, enterprises and projects.

Karl, who started in the IT and consulting business in 1980 founded CTS GMBH ( in 1985. CTS GMBH is very successful and Karl still owns 100% of the shares. Karl has a very interesting network of contacts in different countries and worked with his CTS GMBH in the fields of

  • CEO & CIO Coaching
  • Corporate rehabilitation and insolvency consulting
  • M&A
  • Dirty jobs as part of restructuring
  • Real Estates deals (buy and sell)
  • IT Infrastructure / Networking
  • IT Security – Firewalls, Virus protection, Email Security, Appliances
  • HA Solutions, Server mirroring, Auto Failover
  • VPN Solutions
  • Multi OS Rollouts – FreeBSD Unix, Linux, Windows
  • Asterisk VOIP (Voice over IP) including encrypted telephony
  • Network Monitoring
  • Web hosting, E-Commerce Solutions
  • Virtualization for small and mid sized companies
  • Open Source Software

EURAFRI is glad to have Markus as a co-founder with over 20 years experience in the IT industry. Claus long term entrepreneur living Spain and Helga our CFO with over 30 years experience joined the core team of EURAFRI.

The project will focus on creating new friends and business partners, business opportunities, projects, jobs and a better and more successful life for our members.

EURAFRI will operate only receiving donations of our members. It is a clear sign that EURAFRI should be fully independent from political leverage. Eventually EURAFRI and its members will be more successful if the organization is independent and non-profit.

The Idea

  • finding new friends and business partners is always a benefit for everybody.
  • getting help of professional consultants and business professionals within the EURAFRI members and the core team.
  • Startups will have the chance to find new customers and/or investors to grow their business
  • being able to attend our planned events will furthermore get members in touch with new friends and possible partners or investors.
  • members will benefit of the networks and experience of the core team and other members. At EURAFRI we want to get people together leading to more success for everybody
  • eventually all members should benefit from membership and after EURAFRI grows up to the size Karl is dreaming of. EURAFRI will be a member based community where all members benefits in some way.

  • Members will love their new opportunities. There is e.g. a huge request for IT and IoT staff, freelancers or external companies. Main problem for outsourcing and finding new partners handling the projects is to find the right partners or entrepreneurs. Networking is the solution.

  • Members are able to get direct contact with other members and do business with them. EURAFRI does not take any commissions or payments. Everything is up to you and we support you as much as possible.

  • But there is not only outsourcing. If you find new friends and possible partners at EURAFRI there will be investment possibilities, possible expansion into a new market and a lot more!

Our core team is very experience in working with friends and partners in other countries and areas. We know that fear of loosing money is a huge point to not start business with foreign partners. Because we really know this, we plan to setup some escrow service in the way that the buyer or investor pays in the money and if everybody satisfies the conditions the money are paid out. In case of problems the escrow service will play the arbitrator. We are working on the escrow part.

Putting it all together there will be possibilities to find new friends, partners and investment possibilities. Outsourcing of projects, creating startups within the workspaces and a lot more will be possible.

We are working hard to grow fast and be able to complete all steps as soon as possible!


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