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The EURAFRI Networking Project

Statusupdate 2020-02-20

We already have two months almost gone in 2020 and we feel it is time for another status update.


We are very happy that people are moving to Open Source Riot.IM/Matrix Messenger for easy, free, secure and well organized communication. We settled even more in Accra/Ghana with exceptional work of Ambassador Maximilien. With his help and the voluntary work of Markus and consulting professional Karl a lot of things moved forward.


Out of the hard work of the EURAFRI team this e-book is available at DigitalBooks24:

Contains over 62000 business and related addresses in over 97000 category/business entries. The hardcover version has over 3700 pages in US letter format. As we all know, contacts are the key to success! A MUST HAVE FOR EVERY BUSINESS! YOUR ENTRY INTO THE AFRICAN MARKET! All net profit is donated to the EURAFRI project! Buying this e-book not only is your key to Africa, it also includes a 1-year company account membership at EURAFI! And it helps to fund EURAFRI’s operation! A win-win offer!

Volunteer Jobs

We are looking for volunteer writers to prepare the Ghana related news and media section on EURAFRI.com. Applications from cool students studying in great Universities already coming in. Furthermore we are looking for volunteers in Europe and Africa to get the “Waste and Plastic Removal” project off the ground. Applications are appreciated. English is helpful, but also German language only people are very welcome. Contact @karl:matrix.eurafri.com via Riot.IM Messenger or mail to hr@eurafri.com.

Ghana Business

Exporting Genuine Car Spare Parts to Ghana

Exporting Genuine Car Spare Parts especially for German Car Brands to Ghana based on Karl’s decades of experience is on its way. It should be possible to create valuable business out of this EURAFRI Member based European - African business setup in 2020. We love to be contacted by additional traders from Ghana and other parts of Africa. The company exporting the spare parts is in the market since 1985!


We released our first intro video on Youtube https://youtu.be/QjmQkNZzAYI and Vimeo https://vimeo.com/389197827. Please share the video as much as possible and spread the word!

Workwear production in Ghana

The Workwear production project in Accra already sent the first samples to a potential Austrian customer. Due to a technical delay in testing the quality in regards to EU laws and requirements we think the final result of the quality test will be available at the end of March. If all works out as expected this could be the start of a great cooperation between EURAFRI members in the sense of the EURAFRI idea to establish great business between the EURAFRI members. Founder Karl already is in contact with more potential customers within the EURAFRI members and also within his huge personal consulting network.

Art Project and Money Lending

For 2020 we have ideas to add a ART catalog to show African art to European investors and furthermore we are thinking about a win-win money lending project to help small businesses and startups and also let investors make higher interest as if they put the money in their bank. More info later.

We are entering other African countries in 2020 too!

If you are interested to support the project as Ambassador or Region-Manager please contact Karl or Markus via https://eurafri.com/contactanddonate/ . We appreciate your volunteer help and we are sure you will find great opportunities within the EURAFRI community and its members too!

The Future

All together it was a very positive start into 2020 and we hope to get more members on board this year. More members means more contacts and business.

EURAFRI now is working on funding the future. We need to collect money and more members for the project! We are able to receive IBAN, Paypal and Bitcoin Payments directly. It needs you as member or donor to add your value to EURAFRI! The project finances itself from membership fees and donations only!

Meet-Me events AT5001 and DE8301

The monthly “Meet-Me” events for the team members in district AT5001 and DE8301 are scheduled for February 27th. Contact Karl or Markus via Riot Messenger to get invited.


We will keep you informed!

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Find the media area here: https://eurafri.com/media-en/ . We would love to see media partners from Europe and Africa joining us!

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Your EURAFRI Team!

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We prefer to communicate via the free, secure and open source https://element.io messenger. Contact @karl:matrix.ctseuro.com or @markus:matrix.ctseuro.com to get invited to the community rooms. Currently all members use Element (former Riot)!


Feel free to contact us at support@eurafri.com. PGP is recommended for e-mail encryption. PGP encryption works on all modern e-mail clients. The public key for the support address is here: PGP KEY: https://eurafri.com/keys/supportateurafricom.pub


In very urgent cases and for huge donations we are available at +43 5 7676 7676 in case you need to talk to somebody. Please note this is for vip members, donations and core team only! We work on one extensions per core team member.

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We are able to receive IBAN and NON-IBAN donations to our bank account at Raiffeisenverband Salzburg IBAN: AT08 3500 0000 9116 1059 BIC RVSAAT2S ACCOUNT 91161059 BLZ 35000. Thank you!!

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