Decentralization & self-hosting

Decentralization & self-hosting

The future of the internet lies in the decentralization of social networks and communication solutions. As with e-mail, where everyone either runs their own server or uses public services and can still communicate with users of other servers, with ActitvityPub, better known as Fediverse and with Matrix, there are now real FOSS solutions for decentralized social networks and messengers and to be master of your own data again. Decentralized FOSS software that should be used instead of the known data octopus:

Messenger (decentralized):

Messenger (P2P)

Fediverse / ActivityPub

  • decentralized social micro blogging with full control over the data and the possibility to connect your own instances to the Fediverse
  • decentralized video hosting system with ActivityPub support for the Fediverse

This list is continuously updated.