'Connect' - recruiters, headhunters and IT specialists

'Connect' - recruiters, headhunters and IT specialists

EURAFRI website with many visitors!

EURAFRI Networking is a non-profit organization which is committed to the widespread use of FOSS (Free Open Source Software) in all areas, as well as to privacy and against mass surveillance on the Internet!

Many of our fans and followers work in the IT, self-employed or employed. Some of them are IT specialists of the highest level.

The jobs are displayed fully automatically!

Recruiters and headhunters sends us the link to their RSS feed with job offers that they would like to have included in the platform. These feeds are accessed several times a day and displayed on the platform.

All job offers contain a direct link to the original posting, making it extremely easy to find out more about an interesting offer or to apply directly.

Visitors of the EURAFRI website can sort out interesting offers in advance without tracking and monitoring, integrate EURAFRI RSS feeds in their reader, or follow the updates in Fediverse. Due to the link to the original posting they are able to submit an application directly to the recruiter or headhunter if they see offers of interest.

Freelance jobs, temporary positions and full time

For anyone interested in a change or a freelance job, there is a great opportunity to explore jobs without tracking and monitoring. EURAFRI also offers RSS feeds and posts in the Fediverse at https://mastodon.ctseuro.com/@eurafri


We are happy to discuss all topics within the framework of our project in the Matrix! Recruiters and headhunters can contact Karl with their questions via Element/Matrix at @karl:matrix.ctseuro.com directly.

Alternatively, emails can be sent to support@eurafri.com.

EURAFRI public room in the matrix

We look forward to an active participation in the EURAFRI project and also ask you to visit the EURAFRI reception in the Matrix.



Author: Karl M. Joch

Permission to publish the article on EURAFRI.com @20210628