Project: Mobile and secure

Project: Mobile and secure

The problem

Not really happy with devices from a manufacturer on which some of the necessary software, e.g. Tor, does not work or was banned by the manufacturer, our founders started looking for an alternative years ago. The prerequisites were clear and immovable.

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Request data protection

Of course we know that data protection, privacy and anonymization represent a certain additional effort for the user, but it is necessary to avoid the generation of personal data before it can be stored anywhere. Because where there is data, there is a desire from many sides to be able to access it.

And yes, it’s really cool to be able to say: “No, they don’t have any data from me!”

Ask? We are happy to discuss all topics within the framework of our project in the matrix!

We look forward to active participation in the EURAFRI project and ask you to also visit the EURAFRI reception in the matrix.


Project information: Mobile and Secure