Creation of the FOSS software list started

Creation of the FOSS software list started

FOSS software for daily use

To answer the recurring questions about which software can or should be used for which purpose, we set up a software list that has already proven itself in daily use for private users, business and public administration.

We think that since the license costs are the last possibility for CEOs to make savings in the IT area, an even bigger run on open source solutions will soon begin. Innovative users have been using Firefox as a web browser, Thunderbird as an e-mail program and LibreOffice as a professional office solution for many years. But since there is now really good software for every area, we want to keep adding to this list.

Every project and FOSS user is free to submit a pull request via our Gitea instance here to enter a link. Anyone who has no experience with Git can use the Address Element Matrix Messenger to tell us about the link.

Note: Gitea currently does not send any e-mails to the admin when registering users. Please inform us about your registration via element or e-mail. We have opened an issue at Gitea and hope to expand it soon.

This list is expanded via pull requests and then published on the website. Please always edit both language versions and, if necessary, add TO_TRANSLATE to the untranslated text. This is the only way that the languages ​​are always in sync. If the list gets too long, we split it up into pages by category.

CSV format

Category1English, Category2English, DescriptionEnglish, Category1English, Category2English, DescriptionEnglish, URL

Note: Text should begin and end with “. E.g.” Test for software, can also contain, if under quotation marks! “

We look forward to a lively participation and also ask you to visit the EURAFRI reception in the matrix.