[EN] EURAFRI.COM Blog - Update about our progress 2019-09-02

The EURAFRI Networking Project Statusupdate 2019-09-02 Since our last status update https://eurafri.com/en-eurafri-com-blog-update-about-our-progress-190812/ a lot of things happened again. we have added hidden forums, visible to members of these forums only. This is a great way to establish business between selected members only while avoiding not encrypted emails spreading through the internet. A perfect way for SSL protected group communication. These hidden forums are already used for setting up the first projects based on importing workwear and food related products from Ghana to Austria.
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[EN] Special membership for planned and already running Startups! Includes full hosting package!

Dear friends of the EURAFRI non-profit project! Based on your feedback we worked hard to add another membership possibility focused on Startups. Future entrepreneurs and Startups have a huge todo list to get things sorted out before there is this jump into the cold water starting the business. EURAFRI wants to help you during this time and introduces a membership package focusing at people in the planning stage or Startups not older then 3 years.
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[DE] Erfolgreicher Markteintritt für europäische Unternehmen in Ghana und anderen afrikanischen Ländern!

Salzburg, Austria / Accra, Ghana im August 2019 Erfolgreicher Markteintritt für europäische Unternehmen in Ghana und anderen afrikanischen Ländern! In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Platin-Member und VIP-Donor CTS wurde eine sehr umfangreiche Datenbank mit Business Adressen in Ghana und weiteren 51 Ländern in Afrika angelegt. Diese Datenbank soll Mitglieder beim Markteintritt, bzw. bei der Suche nach Erstkontakten in Ghana und anderen afrikanischen Ländern massiv unterstützen. Eine Kategorisierung der Adressen ermöglicht Selektionen für verschiedenste Bereiche, über IT zu Automotiv, Ersatzteilen und vielem mehr.
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[EN] EURAFRI.COM Blog - Update about our progress 20190812

The EURAFRI.COM Project Statusupdate 2019-08-12 We are very proud to announce that our non-profit networking organization has made huge steps forward since the last update. We build a great networking opportunity for European and African members to establish more business, invest in startups, make money, or find a job within these startups and more. It is a huge chance for members of both continents! Talking to people, growing the own business network is the key to success!
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[EN] Introducing non-profit EURAFRI networking platform to Universities

Based on founder Karl’s vision of EURAFRI cooperation with Universities is a essential part of business networking between Europe and Africa. Universities High-Potentials from today will be the business leaders and decision makers of the future. Karl is convinced that a huge part of the development programs was not helpful for the African population. Even more Karl thinks that more project should be “help to help themselves“. Instead of money, “help to help themselves“ would be more successful in the long run.
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[EN] EURAFRI starts in Uganda, looking for Ambassadors and Region Managers

For our start in Uganda we are looking for ambassadors and region-managers to carry on the vision of EURAFRI in Uganda on a volunteer base. What is the EURAFRI Project? Based on a long time vision of Karl and Markus we started EURAFRI as an non-profit networking platform between Europa and Africa. EURAFRI is business networking without borders for entrepreneurs, companies and startups, especially focused in import/export trading and IT/IoT business.
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Feel free to contact us at support@eurafri.com. PGP is recommended for e-mail encryption. PGP encryption works on all modern e-mail clients. The public key for the support address is here: PGP KEY: https://eurafri.com/keys/supportateurafricom.pub


In very urgent cases and for huge donations we are available at +43 5 7676 7676 in case you need to talk to somebody. Please note this is for vip members, donations and core team only! We work on one extensions per core team member.

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We are able to receive IBAN and NON-IBAN donations to our bank account at Raiffeisenverband Salzburg IBAN: AT08 3500 0000 9116 1059 BIC RVSAAT2S ACCOUNT 91161059 BLZ 35000. Thank you!!

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