[EN] Update: New Ambassador and Corona Info 2020-03-16

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Statusupdate 2020-03-16

First of all let me tell you that the EURAFRI core time is full aware of upcoming hard times during the Corona virus spreads over this world and and no vaccine is available. But we always think positive and there is a time with huge chances for all of us after these times ended. More below.


Exporting Genuine Car Spare Parts to Ghana and Uganda

Exporting Genuine Car Spare Parts especially for German Car Brands to Ghana based on Karl’s decades of experience is expanded to Uganda now too. It should be possible to create valuable business out of this EURAFRI Member based European - African business setup in 2020. We love to be contacted by additional traders from Ghana, Uganda and other parts of Africa. The company exporting the spare parts is in the market since 1985!

Corona Info

As most of you probably already read in the news Austria is under full lockdown because of the Corona virus. Karl and the Austrian team are kinda restricted in movement and promoting EURAFRI to new members here. Furthermore also Germany is starting to lockdown things and Markus and the German team has some restrictions too. Claus in Spain is heavily restricted already.

What we know about Corona meanwhile

First of all, do not believe Fake News posted on data mining “”“social networks”” about the Corona virus. Use serious media or government sites to inform yourself and do not panic. There is definitely no reason for it.

  • Corona is not Ebola! Don’t let you run into panic! Corona is some kind of worse influenza with the problem no vaccine exists till now.

  • Corona spreads easier then influenza, but in normal cases it is dangerous for elderly people and people already having previous diseases. So for young people it will mostly go away as influenza after 14-21 days. But you can infect others and bring elderly in danger if you do not take care.

  • The best protection known till now is to keep 1-2 meter distance to others, do not shake hands and if you touch things others touched too, wash your hands with soap for at least 30 seconds! Really clean them good and everywhere including forearm. Distance and washing hands is 90% protection as it looks like now.

  • Do not use disinfection to often. This can create a resistance so it will not work later. Use this only if you have absolutely no chance to wash hands with soap.

  • Avoid using public transportation, try to walk or use a bike to move. Public mass transport is a risk. If you must use them, try to keep the distance to others and do not touch to much.

  • Do not move you hands to eyes, moth, into your face, aso. This will bring the virus from your hands to other parts of your body and enhance the risk of infection.

  • We know that Swiss diagnostics maker Roche (ROG.S) already finished a fast and easy mass test for Corona which will be made available soon. With this test it will be possible to test people working in critical infrastructure very easy and avoid collapsing this infrastructure by one infected person enters there. Furthermore this will also help to do mass tests on masses of people. As far as we know now, US president Donald Trump will make this available to USA residents for free. Other countries will follow.

  • There is also a lot of companies working on vaccine against Corona. Mr. Trump wanted to buy a German company leading development as it looks by now. The company rejected and want to make the vaccine available to everybody. So chances are high we have vaccine in the shorter run.

As a result it is clear, we all have to take care, reduce physical contact with others as much as possible. Try to do a lot of your work via Internet, phone and other digital solutions instead of visiting people. Protect elderly people by not visiting them, at least if you can not avoid it, keep distance as much as possible. If you know you are unable to wash hands, wear one-time gloves in dangerous zones, but same rules for not touching face, mouth and eyes apply.

Setup Briar https://briarproject.org/ as Emergency Backup Communication System. Ask Karl or Maximilien if you need help. Feel free to ask them too to add them as contacts for emergency communication.


Find the media area here: https://eurafri.com/media-en/ . We would love to see media partners joining us!

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Join us! We need you to complete our mission!

Let me take the opportunity to wish you and your families health, protection all the best for the upcoming hard weeks. A lot of you will be affected in business and maybe in private life, but there will be a strong coming back after Corona time is passed by. In the sense of the EURAFRI idea do everything to help other members if they are in problems to give them a chance to survive economic problems. Work together, communicate and spread the idea. Be sure, there is a time after it.

Even we are slowed down by the restrictions currently, we are full available via Riot and Forum and we love to read your posts and messages.

Greetings and best wishes!

Karl, Markus and the EURAFRI Team

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