[EN] UPDATE: Operations and Privacy Update - 2020-06-18

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Statusupdate 2020-06-18

A few month passed since we all was hit by the Corona virus impacts and most of us lives in countries which was under more or less heavy lockdown. Communication via Element Matrix Messenger shows that all members are gone without health problems through the lockdown times. We are very happy to know all are well and ready to take opportunities for the past Corona times. A small group of great people should not loose even one of its members and so we are lucky and very happy about it.

Corona times also showed that the move from centralized data miner messengers to decentralized, free and secure, Open Source solutions is a must to have unfiltered communication and news feeds not filtered in the sense of the service operator. EURFARI core team already has gone this path since 1995.

Please let me take the opportunity to talk to you about privacy and the “I have nothing to hide” argument.

IMPORTANT Security and Privacy Info

Please take a few minutes and read on to protect the privacy of other members. Use only the Riot Messenger, encrypted email and the forum (SSL protected) for communication. If you have questions ask Markus or Karl how to setup things for you. We help you in the EURAFRI-Members-Support room, which is available using Riot Messenger.

If you use email please do not send unencrypted emails which makes it possible for server operators to evaluate the content of your messages. Install PGP email encryption as soon as possible.

Using public free messengers or email operated by a single company is against “Netiquette” in business communication. due to the huge chance data are available to third parties, which could get people in the position to loose business because others reads your plans and you do not even know it.

Furthermore some of these big Freemail provider blocks smaller mail servers from time to time on IP level. Because of this you maybe are unable to communicate with others without even knowing it.

IMPORTANT We do not get in touch with the Freemail providers who have blocked the EURAFRI mail server. If you want to use these providers and you have problems to send or receive emails please contact them, not us. CTS, our sponsor of the technical infrastructure, does secure email solutions since 30 years and we do not waste time for people not operating/using secure, privacy related services.

General suggestions

  • Use secure, decentralized, free and Open Source Element Matrix Messenger for communication. Enable end-to-en encryption in every room. Every EURAFRI Member has a secure account on the EURAFRI server connected to the Matrix network. (https://eurafri.com/)

  • Use secure freemail providers like https://protonmail.com or https://www.tutanota.com if you are unable to operate your own mail server for business and have to relay on freemail providers.

  • Avoid using data-miners and other non privacy oriented software for business. We do not care what you use outside of EURAFRI, but please respect the privacy and do not hand out, contact data, unencrypted files or emails to third parties.

Important info if you use software (apps) accessing your address book

Please note that the EURAFRI core team and also most of the EURAFRI members does not like to have their contact and meta data transferred to proprietary service providers. This happens normally as soon as you give the software (app) access to your address book, emails, phone lists, location and more.

It is already a problem if you are a “I have nothing to hide” person, because finally you allow people to spy on you and collect meta data from you. If you want to live with this, it is ok, but you must make sure, problems resulting out of your way to live does not affect others. Privacy sometimes needs a little bit learning software, looking for alternates and being strong enough to not be mainstream. But its definitely worth. Successful business people mostly are non main stream.

if you print out your business ideas, opportunities, your sexual life, health problems and other things you do not want to hide and post it on public places for others to read, you are responsible your yourself. But if you do that with business ideas, opportunities, sexual life or health problems of others, you are legally (e.g. GDPR) and financial (law suite against you) responsible for their problems resulting out of your lifestyle!

To shorten things:

You maybe should not join EURAFRI if you are one of these “I do not care about privacy” people. We at EURAFRI do not want that you open your address book and other sensible data to apps, well known for reading and building up massive databases from what they find on your phone, tablet or computer. Please also do no store our contact data on these devices.

We suggest to use EURAFRI on a separated device in case you want to join and also use the above named things. But before you think you really have nothing to hide, we suggest you watch:

You should watch: “Nothing to Hide (2017)”

available on one of these links:

also available in German

We assume this makes you think again about it.

We love to discuss also privacy related stuff with out members Element MAtrix Messenger. The core team members are long time specialists in creating anti-surveillance privacy solutions for companies in 15 countries.

Thank you very much for protecting other members with these steps. Communication and data must be protected from the eyes of non involved parties. Only taking care about these steps one will not loose business or new opportunities.

Let me take the opportunity to wish you and your families health, protection all the best for the future. There will be a strong coming back now, where the hardest Corona time is kinda passed by. We are aware that there are still risks for another outbreak. In the sense of the EURAFRI idea do everything to help other members if they are in problems to give them a chance to survive economic problems. Work together, communicate and spread the idea. We will be successful together, using the members network.

Greetings and best wishes!

Karl, Markus and the EURAFRI Team


Find the media area here: https://eurafri.com/media-en/ . We would love to see media partners joining us!

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