[EN] Introducing non-profit EURAFRI networking platform to Universities

Based on founder Karl’s vision of EURAFRI cooperation with Universities is a essential part of business networking. Universities High-Potentials from today will be the business leaders and decision makers of the future.

Based on these experiences Karl and the core team build the EURAFRI project as a pure networking platform where people can meet, discuss and create businesses, projects, startups and jobs. EURAFRI is business networking without borders for entrepreneurs, high potentials, companies and startups, especially focused in import/export trading and IT/IoT business. EURAFRI members uses the members only forum to exchange ideas, offers and opportunities. Furthermore there are planned local and international “Meet-Me” events for EURAFRI members meetings.

EURAFRI is connecting its members by networking and communication but EURAFRI will not do business by itself. All business opportunities will be worked out by EURAFRI members and for doing business between members there is no fees or commissions payable to EURAFRI. The project itself is financing operations out of very low membership fees and donations only.

What is the projects status (2019/08/09)

At the moment EURAFRI is in pre-opening state. We received the governments ZVR registration number for our organization and are a legal non-profit organization registered in Austria. The technical infrastructure was build by the great IT technicans of CTS-Solutions.at. Website, Member Registration, Members-Only Forum and Newsletter are setup and tested. Actually the first members joined, but its still pre-opening. We have to thank the CTS team a lot because they donated a value of around 40.000 € in the form of servers, software and programming. CTS is a Platin Member and VIP-Donor). We hope others see this great chance too and follow CTS as Member and/or donor! To keep operational costs low EURAFRI is a volunteer based project only!

We have nominated the first volunteer Ambassador in Ghana. Maximilian (District GH1001) will spread the EURAFRI message in Ghana and the project will nominate the Ambassador for Uganda soon.

The first regional “Meet-Me” events will happen in Salzburg/Austria (District AT5001) and South-East Bavaria/Germany (District DE8301). The groups will meet monthly. Please find all details in the District room in the Matrix. The ambassadors shall organize local events in all districts.

For sure the founders of EURAFRI understands, that it will need around one year till enough members joined EURAFRI. We do need to get an small elite circle together turning membership at EURAFRI into more business and profit for all members.

EURAFRI does not show advertisement, does not sell any data of its members. We take the privacy of our members seriously! All content is loaded from the CTS servers they made available to us. All membership payments are handled via Paypal and donations higher then Platin-Membership are handled by IBAN payment.

Is there a fee if attending an “Meet-Me” event?

No, in general attending “Meet-Me” events organized be local region managers is free for members. You have to pay for your drinks and food by yourself. Non-Members have no access.

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Feel free to contact us at support@eurafri.com . PGP is recommended for e-mail encryption and works on all modern e-mail clients. The public key for the support address is here: PGP KEY: https://eurafri.com/keys/supportateurafricom.pub

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We are available in the Matrix via Element.io messenger, via e-mail or by phone.

Element.io prefered

We prefer to communicate via the free, secure and open source Element Matrix Messenger (https://element.io). Contact @karl:matrix.ctseuro.com or @markus:matrix.ctseuro.com to get invited to the community rooms. Currently all members uses Element to enter the Matrix!


Feel free to contact us at support@eurafri.com. PGP is recommended for e-mail encryption. PGP encryption works on all modern e-mail clients. The public key for the support address is here: PGP KEY: https://eurafri.com/keys/supportateurafricom.pub


In very urgent cases and for huge donations we are available at +43 5 7676 7676 in case you need to talk to somebody. Please note this is for vip members, donations and core team only! We work on one extensions per core team member.

Bank Transfer Donations

We are able to receive IBAN and NON-IBAN donations to our bank account at Raiffeisenverband Salzburg IBAN: AT08 3500 0000 9116 1059 BIC RVSAAT2S ACCOUNT 91161059 BLZ 35000. Thank you!!

Paypal Donations

Donate as much as you like with Paypal. You can choose the amount you want to donate and also it is possible to create recurring donations.

Bitcoin Donations

Bitcoin donations are done via our self hosted BTCPAY server. No external service involved. We are happy to be able to accept Bitcoins.