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Connecting European Traders, Investors, Business Angels, Enterprises and Entrepreneurs with African Traders, Entrepreneurs and Startups to create successful business, workspaces and local jobs in Africa. Specialized in IT/IoT and export/import trading! The founders of non-profit organization EURAFRI has more then 100 years of experience in business consulting, IT and IoT, international trading and worked successful in 15 countries.


Long term successful partnerships starts with talking to people. EURAFRI will operate communications systems for our members to discuss ideas over the Internet. Our Team is very experienced in setting up text and voice/video communication systems.


We plan events where our members are able to meet in person. Entrepreneurs needs to look in the eyes of their business partners. A face-to-face meeting replaces masses of e-mails and messages. Our events will be the start for great cooperation!


The founders of EURAFRI worked over 35 years very successful in 15 countries and know that the result of networking, events and discussions are opportunities! Our members will work together and take part of some great chances.


European investors already learned that Africa will play a important part in trading and the IT/IoT industry over the next decades. Financially well equipped EU companies and entrepreneurs are looking for interesting investment in Africa.

Business + Workspaces

We plan to setup local workspaces in Africa to give Startups a place to start and grow their business. Furthermore this enables us to build up infrastructure available to new business in Africa. A great place for events too!


Europe has strong needs for IT and IoT people. This is a great chance for African entrepreneurs to work remotly for EU companies. Get a job or create jobs with your African startup while working for EU companies.

Project Info

EURAFRI is an non-profit organization based in Austria. The idea to build a network of African and European entrepreneurs, startups and enterprises was in the head of founder Karl since a long time. Since his first visit in Africa as young boy in 1978 he was fascinated from this country and the people living there. Now, decades later it is time to build a bridge between people from both regions to create or enhance business and give locals additional jobs. Based on Karl’s experience over nearly 40 years EURAFRI will be specialized in trading different goods and IT/IoT startups, enterprises and projects.

EURAFRI in Detail

Project Info

African Projects

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European Projects

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We work hard to complete all steps of the EURAFRI project

  • July 2019

    The start of a great story!

    We finally decided to start EURAFRI.COM!

  • August-September 2019

    Setup legal and basic stuff!

    Do all legal paperwork, register the organization, setup accounts, bookkeeping and web site.

  • October 2019

    Getting the core team and the first members together!

    Specialists with proven Startup experience are fixed looking for the first European and African members! You will be special as long as your membership is active!

  • 2019 /Q4


    Start collecting money and more members for the project! We are able to receive IBAN, Paypal and Bitcoin Payments directly.

  • Funding + 4 Month

    detailed plans for first meet-friends event

  • Be part
    of our

Our amazing team

EURAFRI.COM is lead by specialists each with 20-40 years proven experience!



Project Leader

Lives in [Austria]

over 35 years experience. Freelance CRO (Chief Restructuring Officer), Import/Export Trader and IT-Consulter. Worked in over 15 countries. Open Source & Privacy Fan, FreeBSD & Linux since 1995 #Austria (Volunteer)



Project Leader

Lives in [Germany]

over 20 years experience in the IT industrie.



Honorary Member

Lives in [Spain]
  • Founder and owner of EMC Spain
  • E:
  • Messenger

Claus is an retired long time entrepreneur, founder and owner of EMC in Spain. He willing to help EURAFRI members and share his experience. (Volunteer)

Full team info can be found on the team and donate page!

Contact us / Donate

We are available at, /, via e-mail or by phone. prefered

We prefer to communicate via the free, secure and open source messenger. Contact or to get invited to the community rooms. For P2P messenger please ask for our IDs.


Feel free to contact us at if Riot.IM is a problem for you. PGP is recommended for e-mail encryption. We do not love unencrypted e-mails. PGP encryption works on all modern e-mail clients. The public key for the support address is here: PGP KEY:


In very urgent cases and for huge donations we are available at +43 5 7676 7676 in case you need to talk to somebody. Please note this is for vip members, donations and core team only! We work on one extensions per core team member.

Paypal Donation

Donate as much as you like with Paypal. You can choose the amount you want to donate and also it is possible to create recurring donations.

Bitcoin Donation

Bitcoin donations are done via our self hosted BTCPAY server. No external service involved. We are happy to be able to accept Bitcoins.

IBAN Donation

We are able to receive IBAN and USD wire transfers. Please e-mail for payment details. Thank you!