The basics of our commitment


We are committed to the use and promotion of FOSS (Free Open Source Software) in all areas. In particular, the use of FOSS in public areas is a major concern. “Public Money -> Public Code” should be the motto!


The privacy of users on the Internet is a necessity in order to be in control of one’s own data. It is our goal to support the training of users and teachers and to help create a knowledge base about the functionality!


We believe - everyone has something to hide - and even if that which is to be hidden is perfectly legal, it is simply nobody’s business. True to the motto, everyone knows what you’re doing in the toilet, but you still close the door! Without surveillance in the future!


We see a broad need of the users for information in order to compensate for the lobbying of commercial providers and to clearly illustrate the many advantages and, in many cases, the security gain, as well as the massive savings in license costs through the use of FOSS!


In order to enable central information about various FOSS application possibilities, especially in public administration, schools and in business, it is necessary to set up a database with the software products and their usage possibilities.


It is important to test programs (apps) in order to inform users about possible privacy violations, security problems and data collection properties of the software before the initial installation.

Decentralization & Self-Hosting

The future of the internet lies in the decentralization of social networks and communication solutions. As with e-mail, where everyone either runs their own server or uses public services and can still communicate with users of other servers, with ActitvityPub, better known as Fediverse and with Matrix, there are now real FOSS solutions for decentralized social networks and messengers and to be master of your own data again.

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European Non-Profit Organization

EURAFRI Networking was founded in Salzburg, Austria in 2019 and operates worldwide. The project is happy about your help in implementing the project goals. It is also planned to set up country and region-specific groupings to enable the goals to be implemented more quickly. EURAFRI was founded by Karl, who has been in the industry with CTS GMBH (Austria) since 1985, and Markus, who has been in charge of CTS Deutschland GMBH for many years. Both are characterized by extensive IT knowledge in the use of FOSS software. EURAFRI is supported by a growing team of volunteers who help to implement the goals.


Donations and Membership Fees only

EURAFRI is only financed through donations and membership fees, which are of course not yet cost-covering. In order to be able to start the project anyway, Karl, Markus and the CTS Group made an advance payment, which EURAFRI also allowed to survive the Corona period unscathed. We now hope for broad support of the project through new members and generous donations. We can accept IBAN, Paypal, Bitcoin and Dash donations. For the crypto payments we use an open source BTCPay server hosted by CTS.


IoT and Software in Products

Software is now used very widely and programs in various forms are now installed in almost all devices. It becomes dangerous as soon as these devices have an Internet connection and external access is then possible, or all data is sent through the producers’s server, if there is no reasonable setup of VPN or Tor-based routing. Newer vehicles are now also affected to a massive extent and one aim of the project will also be that reports are made about vehicles which send data to the manufacturer or to third parties. In addition, a database is to be set up on non data collecting, safe vehicles, IoT and other solutions.

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